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The Previous President and Founder and presently Director of the Prevention Alzheimer International Foundation and the International Alzheimer Research Center, Dr. Judith Miklossy, is one of the pioneers who contributed to this emerging field of research and has more than 25 years of clinical and research experience in Switzerland, in the US, in Hungary and Canada.

At present, the president of the foundation is Dr Michel Anderhalden who is board certified in general medicine (Swiss Medical Association) and board certified medical expert (SIM) in Switzerland.

We should advance faster to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic disorders.

Non-profit medical research without conflict of interest and an international effort will help to advance faster in this emerging field of research. The Prevention Alzheimer International Foundation and the International Alzheimer Research Center were created to help this process. All donations received by the foundation will help non-profit medical research, the organization of international conferences in order to spread knowledge as soon as we can. Press conferences open to the public will be also organized.

The goal is that all donations will return to those who helped, by the prevention of dementia and other chronic inflammatory disorders and assuring a high quality of life for all.We hope sincerely that this foundation and research center might go through prosperity for future generations and will grow and preserve the same ethical views to prevent and cure disorders.