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Donations from all countries can be given for this international foundation which is tax exempt with public utility. The goal of the foundation and research center is to prevent Alzheimer's research, help Lye research and other chronic inflammatory disorders.

Donations can also be sent to the same international foundation and research center from the following link:


The pathological and biological hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease. On the left picture Amyloid beta showing a red and tau protein tau a green fluorescenece in the disease c erebral cortex. On the right picture plaques and tangles exhibit green thioflasnis S fluorescence.

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Indirizzo postale

Prévention Alzheimer International Fondation, 1921 Martigny-Croix, CP 16
1921, Switzerland

Conto bancario

Banque Cantonale du Valais
1950 Sion, Switzerland
IBAN: CH71 0076 5001 0105 7880 3
Account number: 101 057 8803                                                                                  BIC ou SWIFT : BCVSCH2L

Le donazioni possono essere dati da qualsiasi paese per questa Fondazione Internazionale

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